I'm Moving!!

I'm moving soon!!!!  Getting a new blog and a new look.  Been working on this one for quite a while today.  Please follow the new blog to see future posts.  Thank you!!  :)



In The Digital Age . . .

I have found a new hobby.  Actually found it quite a while ago but never had time to really get going on this either because there was just no time.  Now I'm picking it back up again very slowly.  I remember the days when I tried to make a scrapbook for the kids, paper scattered everywhere, 4 different kinds of scissors, stickers everywhere, different shaped hole punchers, scraps of paper piled as high as my knees and always messing up when trying to cut the photos.

Some of you know exactly what I'm talking about but the age of computers has provided us another way to save on all of the paper.  I'm talking about digital scrapbooking.  No mess, minimal trash and a lot more fun.  With the correct photo programs there are no limits to what you can do.  Create your own embellishments and papers or buy the kits online.

I have found several websites that offer digital scrapbook kits free, some of them charge for the kits but the kits I have purchased have never been over $5.00 each or a subscription to a website with unlimited downloads of their kits.  I will list some of my favorite websites below with links so you can check them out.

Anyone else out there enjoying this hobby as much as I am?  The kids are really getting into it as well.  Here are a few of mine that were done a while ago and I'm about to jump right back in but before I show you mine I will provide you with a few websites to check out their digital kits.




Here are some of the pages I've done.  The first one I am still working on, it's not done.

So for you experienced scrapbook fanatics out there do you have any other good sites to get kits from?  Any helpful hints for us inexperienced fanatics?  Want to share your scrapbook pages?  Email them to me and I'll post them in my next scrapbooking post.  Looking forward to sharing many creative memories with you all.


I'm Back and Unemployed

I am back, really this time and for my first post on my return I'm going to make it short.  I am very excited to have enough time to blog again.  I've spent the better part of today re-designing my blog using my own graphics and template edits.  What do you think?

It's great to have all of this time again.  We're having more family nights than we've ever had, the house is so clean and freshly painted.  I'll be putting pictures up of that in one of my future posts.  Our house was a flat white in every room except the kids rooms.  Yuk.

Why am I unemployed?  I quit, I know you are shocked but I quit in December.  Trying to juggle the kids a husband and a more than full time job finally made me snap.  Yes our income is now cut in half but I've never been happier.  A much happier wife and mother, a completely different person so do I miss the money of course but if I had it to do all over again I would.  It was a very difficult thing to do after being there for almost 12 years and I was scared to death about what we would do after the money ran out.

We've cut everything back and we're making it and the family is very happy.  In the beginning of April I will be getting a part time job because I am running out of projects to do here at the house . . . The old man wants me to take a break before I go back to work so I am enjoying my break.

For those of you who followed my blog before you know about our obsession with vacations and our trailer camping season starts next month.  We're already packing and have our first trip of the season booked.  Nine nights at one of our favorite Oregon State Parks during Spring Break.  I'm already buying food for the trip and the kids are dreaming of marshmallows already.  Can you smell the campfire?

Now that looks good doesn't it??  I can already smell the campfire.  That picture was from a trip we took last year.  I'll be back with you all soon.  I've got to get my pictures organized for my next post on the house.

Have a good night!